Practice makes perfect

Chanelle and James (14).jpg

Congratulations to Chanelle and James who have booked their wedding photography with me for their ceremony which will be taking place in July. Throughout February I’m offering a free couple/engagement shoot to all customers who book their wedding photography.

Chanelle and James (2).jpg

There are loads of benefits to having a photo shoot like this – today we had a chance to look round the wedding venue, chat with the vicar, and identify any restrictions which may affect the photography on the day.

Chanelle and James (3).jpg

It was also a good opportunity for the couple to get some practice at posing. It doesn’t come naturally to most people so I think it’s great to get a little bit of experience before the nerves set in on the big day itself.

Chanelle and James (18).jpg

Although the weather was a little chilly today and the plant life was a bit barren, we could also get an idea of good backdrops and photo opportunities we can use in the summer.

Chanelle and James (17).jpg

St Ives Church is an imposing venue from the outside, and was stunning inside. Although I knew the church was referred to locally as “The Miners’ Cathedral”, I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful the lighting, woodwork, and stained glass would be. I’m excited to see what the interior shots will be like on the day.

If you would like more information on my wedding photography packages please visit my website or my Facebook page

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