The Simple Life

northumberland2This weekend has been a time for simple pleasures, and beautiful photo opportunities. I absolutely love the Northumberland coast and with the recent good weather I got a little bit over excited and decided that summer was here and it was time to go camping.


Thankfully the weather was kind and a stop off at Belsay Hall was a great start to the trip.


Nothing better than a picnic in the sunshine. Especially when the daffodils are out.


Next stop was Seahouses where I was too busy spending a small fortune on the 2p machines in the arcades to take many photos. Saturday was spent at Holy Island which is one of my favourite places in the UK.


I just love the atmosphere of the place, and all the quirky little details like the upside down boats used as sheds.


The colours and textures are a photographer’s dream. We had a great time here, helping my little boy fly a kite on a walk along to the castle was the highlight for me. I’ve never heard him laugh so much, it’s amazing what joy you can get out of a £1.50 plastic kite!


Our walk around the Priory was at rather a brisk pace because of the impending tides but I still had time to spot a few nice textures on the jog back to the car!


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