Treetop Romance


Alnwick Garden and Treehouse are such magical locations, so it was a real pleasure to cover the wedding celebrations of Victoria and Chris there over the summer. This is the second time I have documented a wedding at the Treehouse so it was great to return to the venue.

Like many of us, Victoria and Chris didn’t feel comfortable with overly posed or choreographed photos, which is why I opted for a more documentary style with their photography. You need to be super observant and one the ball to keep alert for all of the photo opportunities like these ones above. But I love the challenge of this journalistic style, and I think the results are genuine and give a true reflection of the day.


My favourite photo is this one above of Victoria showing off her new wedding ring, it’s a very touching moment and something you can’t orchestrate the same way in a posed shot.

That said, the Treehouse is a visually stunning venue and you can’t ignore some of the great features there as amazing backdrops. Victoria and Chris were especially pleased with their photos on the rope bridge, which they couldn’t decide resembled an Ewok village or something from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves!

As usual, I always make sure I capture all of the little details that make up the atmosphere of the day. The wedding cake echoed their ceremony at Disney Land and the lego theme for the table decorations was right up my street!

If you’re interested in booking your wedding photography with me please get in touch, 2018 is already filling up fast! You can contact me at or via my Facebook page 🙂

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