Articles of Brexit

Thought Foundation’s latest exhibition is entitled ‘Articles of Brexit’ and displays a range of creative responses to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. I chose to submit twelve of my double exposure photographs to be part of this exhibition, and I was really happy to see how they have fitted in to the display as a whole.


Whichever side of the issue you stand on, I think we can all agree that these are uncertain times and the exhibition at the Thought Foundation has been a great opportunity for examining Brexit and it’s impact on the UK.




It was really encouraging for me to see how my works fitted into a group themed exhibition and I thought the overall look and feel of the exhibition was really effective.


I created these photographs using a Holga 135BC film camera. It is known as a ‘Toy Camera’’ because it is completely plastic, even the lens is plastic. The double exposures were created completely in camera, with no photoshop editing involved. They say “the camera never lies’, but you can make it bend the truth sometimes. I took these images in my local home and work environment so they have a lot of personal meaning to me.


Thursday 23rd June 2016 was the day Britain was turned upside down. The result of the Brexit Referendum took many of us by surprise, and meant that nothing would be the same again. The run up to the vote proved to be a divisive and confusing time with a widening split developing. This division spread from a national to local level, even to the point where households were split down the middle by opinion. The campaigns from both sides seemed muddled and unclear on any hard facts. This sense of ambivalence does not seem to have subsided, as Brexit becomes a reality rather than an abstract concept.


I have chosen these images to represent Britain during Brexit because they reflect our divided nation. But if you look closer at these photographs you will see that it is not a clear split down the middle – the edges are blurred and the two sides are not exact mirror images. It is still unclear what each side really stands for and where they overlap on common ground.


The exhibition continues to the end of November so if you haven’t been in yet then there’s still time to pay a visit to the Thought Foundation at Birtley. Also, on display are Leanne Pearce Billinghurt’s stunning portraits of the four main political players in the Brexit campaign – these are well worth seeing in person, and don’t forget to get a selfie with Jezza!






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