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When I first started studying photography 5 years ago I never dreamt I would eventually build a business and end up in wedding photography. As my skills and knowledge increased my business developed organically with more and more couples asking me to capture the memories of their special day. After enjoying the Royal Wedding today I was inspired to look through my personal top ten wedding photos I have taken in the last 4 years.


My first experience of wedding photography was at my brother’s wedding. Seeing him marry the love of his life was one of the happiest moments of my life, and being able to capture all the memories of the day made it even more special. I love this photo because it sums up the joy and humour of the day, everybody had a whale of a time! After being photographer, bridesmaid and mother to a 2 year old at the time I decided I could take on any challenge after this!


I’ve chosen this photo from Victoria and Chris’s wedding celebration at Alnwick Treehouse because it’s so magical. The lighting is amazing and it’s almost as if they are suspended in mid-air on the rope bridge. It really is a stunning wedding venue.


This photo from Marc and Carys’s wedding really stands out for me because it’s so striking, I’ve never seen one like it. As the speeches were taking place in the Winter Gardens of Beamish Hall I noticed the lighting backdrop behind the DJ, quickly changed my settings and captured this amazing silhouette. I think Carys looks like a Disney princess on this one!


As well as the usual ‘posed’ photos, one of my favourite things about wedding photography is capturing unscripted moments like this. These kind of ‘behind the scenes shots’ are what most of the guests don’t get to see. This shot is from Samantha and Scott’s wedding at Walworth Hall and the snow certainly created a really stunning backdrop, and the little bridesmaids coped with it admirably!


I have covered several weddings at Beamish Hall, and this is one of my favourite photos with this gorgeous building as a backdrop. Helen and Craig had an intimate ceremony which I felt very privileged to be part of. The couple didn’t need any direction or posing, it’s clear to see they are very much in love. This was one bride who literally didn’t stop smiling all day!


With all the preparations and work that go into organising a wedding, its sometimes easy to forget the real reason for the ceremony – uniting two people in love. This is one of my favourite wedding photos because it captures the raw emotion of the moment. It’s not about being perfectly posed or stood on ceremony. It was a real pleasure to be part of Paul and Bev’s unusual and quirky day, and Durham Masonic Hall is a photographer’s dream.

Getting Ready (33)

A lot of couples like to include ‘getting ready’ shots in their wedding package, and they really add another dimension to the photography. It’s lovely to be part of all the excitement as everyone is making their last minute changes and it’s nice that the groom will get to see all the things that went on as the bride was getting ready. I love this shot from Chanelle and James’s wedding as the bride was helping her son get into his waistcoat. The sense of anticipation and excitement is there and the touching moment between mother and son is lovely to see.

Reception (62)

To be fair it was difficult to take a bad photo of Amy and James! The bride and groom were happy and relaxed all day and the backdrop at The Black Horse at Beamish was fantastic. Everything about the day was classy yet also chilled out.


You can’t beat the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. I was so happy with this shot as it’s clear how happy Gary and Natasha are, and it was great to see her being given away by her son. Linden Hall is a spectacular wedding venue and they sure know how to throw a reception party there!

Walk to Treehouse (12).jpg

Beverly and Joel were the first couple to ask me to be their wedding photographer, and in a way are responsible for setting me off on this journey! Bev had seen some of my work while I was studying at Newcastle College and although I had no proper experience of weddings at the time she was brave enough to trust me with the responsibility of documenting her big day. I researched the venue well in advance and as a great coincidence, Alnwick Garden had been decorated in a fairy tale theme. This ornate gate matches Bev’s dress perfectly.

What I have learnt in my 4 years of wedding photography is that no two ceremonies are the same. I am always on the look out for what makes a great shot, and make sure I cover all the activity that’s going on. The day goes by in a whirlwind for the bride and groom and I love the fact that my photos give them a lasting memory of everything that went on – even the stuff they were too busy to see!

If you are interested in my wedding photography packages you can contact me at helentaylorphotos@gmail.com

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