Big Meeting 2016

Today’s photography adventure was a street photography mission around Durham’s 132nd annual Miner’s Gala. It was an intense day, and although I expected it to be busy I didn’t think it would be quite this busy!



The atmosphere was amazing and the crowds were loving all of the different musical performances. It was hard to know where to look next as there was so much going on.


I set myself a street photography challenge today as I wanted to get out of my comfort zone a bit and try something I don’t normally do. I studied street photography as part of my college course and always admired artists like Gary Winogrand and Lee Friedlander.


Although I’ve found it interesting I’ve never plucked up the courage to give it a go but decided that today was the day! And after editing my shots I’m really glad I had a bash.



I really love candid shots like this which give a flavour of what was happening on the day. This is something I like to incorporate into my wedding photography too, to give a contrast to the usual posed photos that we expect on the big day.


I really like this street scene for example, and the cheeky expression on the boy on the right of the shot.


Making my way to the race course was quite hectic but I got there in time to hear all of the speeches and soak up the atmosphere. I literally was soaked at this point too as it had just started peeing down!


It was at this point that I really got a thing for discarded instruments! Check these out…




This, however, is my favourite shot of the day. I noticed this band starting up and their conductor was particularly awesome. As soon as I got this shot I knew it would look great, his expression really sums up the atmosphere of the day, in spite of the weather.


After the speeches I decided to head back but took a last walk around the venue before heading home. I was really happy with what I got today and I think it’s definitely sharpened my observational skills for spotting spontaneous photo opportunities.






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Stanley² Exhibition


Recently I was given the opportunity to display my photography at Civic Hall Stanley and so far the exhibition has received some really good feedback. I used the exhibition to document my home town of Stanley. All of the photographs are multiple exposures where two or more images are superimposed on to the same frame. I used a Holga 135BC to take these photographs, which is a 35mm film camera sometimes known as a “toy camera” because of its simple plastic design (even the lens is plastic).

Although I qualified from Newcastle College in digital photography, my heart belongs to film. I’m constantly experimenting with old cameras and wanted to see how I could use the unique qualities of film to draw peoples’ attention to things that they may otherwise walk past without really noticing.

What fascinates me about film photography is the mechanical and chemical processes that have to take place in order to create the final image. We live in a world where photography is available on demand and has become, in a sense, quite a throwaway medium. We are losing the idea of a photograph as a physical object.

Using a film camera means I don’t have a playback screen to review my images immediately and I have to take the time to compose my shot. Being restricted to 24 shots on a roll makes me more selective in choosing subjects and waiting for a film to develop brings anticipation and surprise back into photography.

What I love about the technique I used here is the delicate quality of the images and how the multiple exposures melt into each other. There are no distinct edges of where one ends and the other begins. There is no Photoshop or digital editing involved in any of these images, all of the effects were achieved in camera when the photo was taken.

They say the camera never lies, but sometimes you can make it bend the truth.

The exhibition runs until 14th April so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet then please pop in. The Civic Hall is open 9.00 – 5.00 during the week (late nights on Tuesday and Thursday) and is open at weekends when events are on. Why not combine your visit to the exhibition with a look around the Easter Fayre which takes place on Sunday 29th March?

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