A Game of Two Halves

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being the photographer at the wedding of Chanelle and James, a local couple who found out about my work via Facebook. I first met Chanelle and James back in February for a consultation and engagement shoot.

Chanelle and James (14)

Part of my wedding photography package is to scope out the venues in advance so there are no surprises on the big day, and also to give the couple a chance to get used to posing for the camera.

Getting Ready (33).jpg

Chanelle chose a package which covered the whole wedding day, meaning we could start with candid shots of the bridal preparations. Photos like this can be really touching and show what a big day it is for everybody involved.

St Ives (3).jpg

The wedding ceremony took place at St Ives church in Leadgate. This church is over 150 years old and is known locally as ‘The Miner’s Cathedral’. I really like this shot of James waiting outside the church, waiting for the guests to arrive.

St Ives (10).jpg

Another of my favourite images is this one of the mother of the groom. I think unposed spontaneos shots give a great flavour of the day, as well as providing genuine expressions of how people are feeling.

St Ives (62).jpg

As you can see, it’s quite clear why this church has such a good reputation in the local area, it was simply stunning inside. I faced a few technical challenges here as the vicar had requested that no flash could be used inside the venue. However, I was really happy with the results I achieved on both the wide angle shots and the close ups after researching what adjustments I would need to make.

St Ives (84).jpg

After the ceremony the couple took a quick trip to Consett Park with me in order to get some more posed shots together. I always think it’s good to get these types of shots as a souvenir of the day, but I also try to carry these out as efficiently as possible so that the bride and groom can maximise the time they have with their guests. There’s nothing worse than being a wedding guest when the photographer takes them away from the action for hours on end!

Consett Park (58).jpg

There were loads of cool backdrops available at Consett Park and the weather was fabulous so I was really happy with the shots we got here.

Consett Park (34).jpg

Chanelle and James had their evening reception at Consett AFC, which I would highly recommend as a venue. Although there are quite a lot of football-related props around I wanted to incorporate them without making them the main focus of the shots.

Consett AFC (12).jpg

Possibly my favourite point of the day was taking the large group shot of the whole wedding party. It was a really great backdrop and made for a fun and quirky way to get everyboy in the frame.

Consett AFC (8).jpg

The couple were really happy when they received their photos and Chanelle has since contacted me to say:

Thank you for making my day that little bit more special. The photos are amazing, thank you so much.

If you would like to find out more about my wedding photography packages please contact me via my website www.helentaylorphotos.com or via my Facebook page.


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