The Road

Yesterday reminded me of why I always take my camera everywhere with me. When I came up with the plan of completing the Stick Man Trail with my son at Hamsterley Forest I really wasn’t expecting the landscape we discovered there.


After some heavy rainfall the natural colours were really vivid, but with the Forestry team out clearing windswept trees and piling up logs, the overall look was beautifully bleak.


My son loved adventuring around the woodland trail and jumping in the mud with his wellies on. It’s great how the trail takes you off the beaten track at times, rather than being too neat and tidy.


Being off season there were hardly any other people walking around, and the walk put me in mind of “The Road” – a parent and child in big winter coats walking down a desolate road. The fact we got lost quite a lot only added to the illusion!


I absolutely love this colour palette – muted and low contrast. It’s something I try to bring out in most of my work.


After getting mixed up on following the arrows we ended up having quite a long walk, but luckily the rain held off and we got back to the car before the car park was locked for the night!





I truly believe that beauty can be found in the most unusual places and circumstances, and I feel lucky to be able to capture that in my photography.


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